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Welcome to our Links section. It includes links to LARP discussion groups, conventions where we've run in the past (or hope to in the future), LARP how-to and history sites, and our esteemed colleagues in the industry.


LARP Organizations/Directories
  • LARP.com - a large on-line LARP community, home to SOLAR, Shattered Isles, and other popular LARPs
  • LARPA - The United States' national LARP organization
  • The LARPer - The Live-Action Roleplayers Association's e-zine
  • LARPS at Yahoo! - Pages from and on all sorts of LARPs, nationally and internationally
  • RPG.net - LARP links from the Internet's largest non-commercial RPG resource
  • Shade's LARP List - The "grandfather of all LARP lists" since 1990
  • US LARP Webring - "Dedicated *mostly* to Live-Action Role-Playing in the US"

LARP Companies/Games

  • Amtgard - An American live-combat LARP in production since 1983
  • Atlanta Interactive Theatre - The Southeastern US's longest-running theatre-style LARP
  • The Camarilla - The international fan club of the World of Darkness
  • Chimera Interactive - Creators of the popular Shattered Isles series, and our frequent colleagues at Dragon*Con
  • Dagorhir - The oldest continually-running live-combat LARP in the United States, nearing its 30th anniversary
  • Interactivities Ink - A LARP production and publishing company that's been officially Going Out Of Business for nearly a year (but still producing events nationally)
  • International Fantasy Gaming Society - A National live-combat LARP company based in Denver, CO
  • Legynds - An Atlanta, GA-based live-combat LARP
  • LIFE - A New Orleans, LA-based theatre-style LARP
  • NERO - A North American live-combat LARP company with over 40 local chapters
  • Reality Merchants - Organizers of the Streetwise LARP at Dragon*Con
  • The Society of Creative Anachronism - A LARP in the broadest sense, set exclusively in the pseudohistorical genre
  • SOLAR - A live-combat LARP holding weekend events in Georgia

LARP Resources/Information

LARP Discussion/Fora


  • BenCon - A for-charity gaming con in Denver, CO
  • Dragon*Con - "America's largest, multi-media, popular arts convention"
  • Gen Con - "The best four days in gaming"
  • Hurricon - HMGS-South's flagship convention
  • Intercon - "The premiere multi-genre LARP convention in the world"
  • NASFiC - The migrating North American Science Fiction Convention
  • Opus Fantasy Arts Festival - organized by our beloved staffers Rion and Sage Bergquist
  • Origins - "The preeminent game-playing consumer convention in North America"
  • Worldcon - The World Science Fiction Society's migrating annual convention


If you know of a site to which you think we should link, drop us a line at hmglarp@hmglarp.com.