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- Dragon*Con 2008 Scenario



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Now announcing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Graveyard for Dragon*Con 2008!

Past Con Events

These are a few of the recent scenarios we've run:

Dragon*Con 2007 - Powerplay

Dragon*Con 2006 - Paradigm Shrift

Dragon*Con 2005 - Change of Hearts

BenCon 2005 - Charity Cases

Dragon*Con 2004 - Mortality Tale

Dragon*Con 2003 - The Show Must Go On

Dark Weekends

Dark Weekends are held at state parks or other public facilities.

Come and join the fun - a full weekend of LARP!

Admission includes food, lodging, and all game materials.


Here, as promised, are the archived versions of our Freeze! newsletter. Well, the ones we can find, anyway. We promise to put the others up on line when we find them, but there is no telling when that will be.

You may also want to note that the back issues of Freeze! are in Adobe PDF format. You can read them with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available from www.adobe.com.